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The Johnny Appleseed of Crypto

Somebody called Brian Armstrong of Coinbase the “Johnny Appleseed of cryptocurrency” at some point. That’s not quite accurate. Brian Armstrong is a businessman and a very successful one at that, but he is no Johnny Appleseed. Johnny Appleseed was a man on a higher mission who attained the status of “legend” even in his own time. The Native Americans regarded him as someone who had been touched by the Great… Read More »The Johnny Appleseed of Crypto

Let us do the work for you

Implementing a 21st Century payment system is hard work, but like most hard work, it pays off in the end. The good news for our clients is that we make it stupidly simple to begin accepting hard money. Just kick back, focus on your business, and let us help you. Deal?

Why we’re passionate about crypto

What is passion? It is a flame that burns in the core of all of us, a flame that, sadly, burns dimly in the hearts of most, tamped down by fear and all the little defeats life hands us. We at Johnny Cryptoseed (Trademark of Evolve Technology) exhort you to stoke this flame, nurture it back to health like a Boy Scout with a good supply of tinder and strong,… Read More »Why we’re passionate about crypto

Always surpass expectations

This is our unofficial motto. It involves two pieces: Keeping expectations realistic and delivering exceptional results. If you are considering taking advantage of our services, we want you to know that this is not some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. If your business is failing, crypto probably won’t save it. The price of Bitcoin won’t go up to a million dollars a week after you earn your first .5… Read More »Always surpass expectations