The Johnny Appleseed of Crypto

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Somebody called Brian Armstrong of Coinbase the “Johnny Appleseed of cryptocurrency” at some point. That’s not quite accurate. Brian Armstrong is a businessman and a very successful one at that, but he is no Johnny Appleseed. Johnny Appleseed was a man on a higher mission who attained the status of “legend” even in his own time.

The Native Americans regarded him as someone who had been touched by the Great Spirit, and even hostile tribes left him strictly alone

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Johnny Cryptoseed shares little in common with any CEO. We are in the business of helping businesses, much like Johnny Appleseed, and we take a unique approach to doing so.

There are other companies that help businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, but for the most part they offer cookie-cutter solutions or take a cut of the merchant’s sales. If you deploy our services, we do a LOT more than simply configure your point-of-sale server — repeat — your point of sale server: There is no middleman here.

We help to keep your accounting in dollars to make your bookkeeping easy. We advise you on how to secure your coins for the long haul. We help to promote the fact that your business accepts hard money. We help you consider your cash flow and determine what percentage (if any) of your crypto sales should be converted back to dollars immediately, and we help you set up that conversion so any dollars you need immediately from your sales will go directly to your bank. If you need some kind of smart escrow arrangement (in the case of a professional services company, this might be desiarable), we can assist you in setting that up.

But we’re here for you. That’s the main point here. We’re not trying to be the next BitPay (yuck! — avoid like the plague!) or Coinbase. Heck, though we are incorporated as a business for practical reasons, we’re not even really trying to make money. Our cash flow is simply to keep us going. In fact, we want to make as little money as possible because we really hate writing those checks to Uncle Sam.

Just as Johnny Appleseed helped nurseries and orchards prosper, forging a new industry in uncharted, wild territory, we help all kinds of businesses prosper in the new, wonderful, uncharted territory of the new technologically superior money some call “cryptocurrency.”