Why we’re passionate about crypto

What is passion? It is a flame that burns in the core of all of us, a flame that, sadly, burns dimly in the hearts of most, tamped down by fear and all the little defeats life hands us.

We at Johnny Cryptoseed (Trademark of Evolve Technology) exhort you to stoke this flame, nurture it back to health like a Boy Scout with a good supply of tinder and strong, healthy lungs with which to blow life-giving air into it.

Nothing great in any field of endeavor has ever been achieved dispassionately. Do you think Descartes spent all those long evenings slaving over mathematical postulates because he had no passion about hammering them out? Do you think Mozart composed his large body of awesome work while dulled by whatever vapid gossip of his day? Do you think Henry Ford drove the automobile industry into existence while not caring one way or the other what the outcome of his efforts would be? Do you think the suffragettes and the abolitionists and the labor unions would have defeated the misogynists, racists, and robber barons if they had lacked passion? Of course not! Nothing great is achieved without the flame of passion burning hot in those who would achieve it.

Johnny Cryptoseed is passionate about cryptocurrency adoption. We are passionate about it because it matters a lot that people have the ability to conduct their financial affairs without needing the permission of third parties. It matters to us because mathematically issued money avoids the corruption that human-fiat created money inherently brings to the fore by default. It matters to us because we can see a world in which everyone is rich, not necessarily in the sense of having yachts and mansions and Lamborghinis but in the sense of freedom.

The funny thing about Monopoly banker money is that the only thing it can really buy is freedom, but because of the fact that it tends to inflate, the only rational thing to do with it is spend it… so it doesn’t even buy freedom because you have to blow it ASAP or be deviously taxed by inflation. What’s the first thing anyone does when they come into money? They buy a new house, a nicer car, upgrade their lifestyle. Great, so you painted the bars of your cage gold but now you live with even greater financial distress because now you have to support that ever-more-expensive lifestyle with ever more of that currency that constantly loses value.

What if you were holding mathematically dictated money that would — as surely as 2+2=4 in the most distant galaxy — increase in value over time? Would you be more inclined to save? And what if you saved that money for a few years and found yourself free? After saving for a few years and enjoying the benefits of an asset that is mathematically guaranteed to appreciate in value for the next 144 years, maybe you spend some of it on a new house, but the amount that you did not spend will continue to appreciate. Oh… and the house is paid for. Deferred gratification is a cool thing, especially when it’s mathematically certain to pan out due to the fact that no panicked banker can wantonly increase the supply of the token by a trillion.

In the cryptocurrency paradigm that will surely take over during the next financial crisis, people will be rewarded for saving, not consuming. This is not to say that we won’t consume, just that we will be smarter about it. It will be our choice, and when we buy something, we will do it based on our own hard work and patience, not on how much debt a banker is willing to inflict on us. Lifestyle maintenance will not be a thing.

There will be a very rough period of transition because this changeover will not happen until the next crisis which is going to be far worse than the one in 2008. At the time of this writing, crypto adoption (by which we mean adoption of only a few select tokens — most shitcoins are shit and will die so avoid scammers please) is not high enough to simply replace the bankers, and most people will be left out in the cold if and when bank money stops working.

Oh, you think bank money will always work? Perhaps you should have a conversation with someone from Greece, Cyprus, or Argentina, to name three recent examples of formerly rich places where bank cards became worth the plastic they’re printed on overnight. Read the financial news. The writing is on the wall.

We are passionate about increasing adoption of the 10 percent of cryptocurrencies that are worth a shit before the mathematically guaranteed crisis so that commerce can continue and some higher percentage of the population will not be left impoverished and so that — after the smoke clears — we can all be richer with a more sane, sustainable monetary system. The next step will be no money at all, but we’ll leave that to someone much smarter and more enlightened than us or even Satoshi himself to figure out.

That is why we are passionate about crypto and why we will succeed in this mission.